NEP Launches New Fire Fighter Foundation

NEP Services, a California-based tech company that specializes in strengthening emergency responder organizations through its full suite of power-building resources, is proud to announce the formation of its new 501(C) charitable foundation- The NEP Fire Fighter Foundation.

"Our mission is simple" states Drew Howitt, CEO of NEP Services, "Provide support to the fire fighters who hold the line and protect our communities every day."

The new foundation will focus on two issues, helping to tackle behavioral health issues and making sure fire fighters are better prepared and supported when disaster strikes.

Tackling Behavioral Health Issues

The fire service has done a good job at trying to tackle behavioral health issues. Fire fighter peer support teams are now available to deploy after a critical incident. And every day, more training is done to provide support for fire fighters in the field.

The NEP Foundation will be assisting fire service organizations looking to strengthen their peer support and behavioral health programs by donating its NEP Connect internal management software to these teams so they can better communicate on deployments where fire fighters need help.  The new Foundation will also provide scholarships for peer support training to organizations that need help getting the proper training.

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, fire fighters have your back. They ride out most hurricanes in the firehouse and remain on duty for days afterwards, responding to the needs of the community. They are on the frontline of massive wildfires for weeks on end with limited time for rest. No matter the danger, fire fighters respond.

The new NEP Fire Fighter Foundation will be working to make sure the fire fighters holding the line against these disasters have the equipment they need to get the job done and to make sure they have the support they need to continue to respond despite the damage they may have suffered personally.

For more information about how you can help fire fighters, visit the NEP Fire Fighter Foundation website at

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