Our Mission

“Provide support to the fire fighters who hold the line and protect our communities every day.”


The mission of the NEP Fire Fighter Foundation is simple- provide support to the fire fighters who hold the line and protect our communities every day.

The job of being a fire fighter is one of the best careers one can choose. It is a privilege to have a livelihood where you get to give back and help others.

However, for many fire fighters, this service comes at a cost. The compounding tool of seeing repeated tragedies strike their communities and neighbors can lead to behavioral health issues. In far too many cases, these issues lead to fire fighter suicides.

The NEP Fire Fighter Foundation is stepping up to help fire fighters in these situations. Our goal is to ensure fire fighters get the help they need, wherever they are. We want to make sure fire fighters have the tools and support to overcome behavioral health issues, return to the frontline, and enjoy a long career in the fire service serving their communities.

And when disaster strikes, fire fighters don’t get to abandon their posts. They stand on guard, ready to deploy to help others as soon as it is safe and move their community towards recovery. There are many instances where fire fighters are out checking on homes and helping others even though their own home may be damaged or destroyed.

The NEP Fire Fighter Foundation will work to make sure that fire fighters have the necessary tools to get though a disaster BEFORE they even occur. And when their homes and families area are also affected, they have peace of mind knowing that help is on the way so they can stay focused on serving the greater needs of their communities.

a group of people standing in a flooded area
a man riding a raft down a river next to a car


NEP is a California-based tech and communications company that provides a full suite of brand building resources to police and fire organizations. NEP’s websites, mobile apps, marketing, and fundraising platforms allow these organizations to better inform their communities of public safety issues and help fund programs to further advance positive community-based initiatives.

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